Pottery and All Things Ceramic


Ceramic Artist/Master Potter





A Potter making a living comes

with it's idiosyncrasies...


Many who have tried and who are still trying will tell you of the difficulties involved and of the emotion invested that seem to go hand in hand in order to make it a reality.


If you get kicked around around by lifes ups and downs and you still wake up with the next gameplan to keep it going then  "THAT" is when you know if this is the business for you!


My experience stems 25 years and what I love the most is the never ending process you can never learn everything to its


I was very fortunate to be an apprentice for Ishmael Soto from Austin and Harding Black from San Antonio.


I am very thankful for the knowledge that was shared  I have used it, grown with it, cultivated it and continue to tweek it on a daily basis.


Originally from West Texas, I currently make Salado Texas my home but my studio is in Georgetown Texas.

I have a beautiful wife and two handsome sons that I adore. My family is an anchor in my work, their support and steadfast faith in me keeps me strong and focused so that I can to do my best.


I never know what will become of a body of work after it’s fired, but I know that in the process I strive to make a piece that feels good and that looks great from across the room.