I have been working in clay for 23 years and during this time I have worked either as an artist or as a production potter. 


Being a Potter involves constant testing and many do-overs. Understanding the process involves patience and perseverance. I believe that in order to get the results you want in clay you need to educate yourself and surround yourself with talented people, give yourself the opportunity to learn from whereever and whomever it may come from.


I am the first to acknowledge that I have only made it to my level of experience by allowing others to teach me what they know. In return, I will teach others what I have learned and discovered and work hard to keep this craft alive!


One of my earliest experiences involves discovering the trials and errors of firing a gas kiln. The very first three kilns I fired were some of the worst pieces I ever had turn out, my shapes were not so bad but the glazes were horrible! I trashed all of them!


I told myself, if that doesnt break me, then nothing will!

That is the attitude to have because this ART will put you to the test...


Test, test, and test always!





Alfredo F. Ibarra