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Students will learn a variety of hand building methods and color application using natural materials and hands-on techniques. This class will open your imagination through creative expressionism.


Kids Classes will have three to four projects to complete for the week. Their imagination is limitless and they can expect to truly get their hands dirty! 


Adult Classes can expect a minimum of 2 completed projects that you will take home. Projects will be announced at the beginning of class.

Tuition fees are all inclusive, including all materials and firings needed to complete the course.


Since we are working with clay the possibility that you will get dirty is 100% so please wear clothing that you will not mind getting slightly dirty or stained. Jewelry must also be removed from their hands so as not to lose it in the clay.

 Children's Class
6 to 8 years old
Month of June & July
Monday thru Friday
Youth Classes
9 to 12 years old
Month of June & July
Monday thru Friday
Teens Classes
13 to 16 years old
Month of June & July
Monday thru Friday










Adult Hand-Building

 17 and older


(4)Tuesday Evening classes

June 7th to June 28th

from 6:00 to 8:00 pm







Adult Hand-Building
17 and older
(4)Thursday Evening Classes

June 8th to June 29th

from 6:00pm to 8:00pm






ART of   RAKU!

RAKUis a type of Japanese pottery

traditionally used in Japanese tea


the fired raku piece is removed from

the hot kiln and is allowed to

cool in the open air and then

placed in a container with

combustible materials.



Clay Slab Building!

Clay Slab Building will consist of creating a functional and decorative clay artwork. It may be a pitcher, container, basket and etc. Your imagination will do the rest.