Phoenix Clay Company uses a range of clay bodies which range from cone 5 (2185F) to cone 10 (2381F).


We use electric and gas kilns to complete our work. Our raw materials come from local distributors in Texas, California and Louisiana. We strive to offer high quality products. We use clay recipes that compliment our process and desired finishes for handbuilding and wheel work.


We can also make different colored glazes (not shown) that can match a company logo, wedding theme, etc.


All of our pottery is MICROWAVE and DISHWASHER SAFE and OVEN PROOF!


Our glazes and clay are LEAD FREE and our GARDENWARE is also FROST PROOF!

If you have any questions or simply want to learn a bit more about our process, I invite you to CONTACT US!


Thanks Again!!


 Blue Cotton     Port Wine      Hereford Red     Lodge Lux

  Midnight Run   Piney Green  Mazarine Blue  Texas Sand